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To many people’s great delight, this year’s major opera production is Tosca by Puccini.

One of the most excited of all is Stage Director Ingrid Forthun, who holds nothing back when she talks about production:

“What a gift it is to have the honour of doing this! The artistic team was not assembled when I was asked, so the big question was: “Who do you want to play with?”, says the experienced stage director, who promises this production will be magnificent, both musically and visually.

“I have long dreamt of working with conductor Peter Szilvay, while Dagny Drage Kleiva was at the top of my wish list of scenographers. She is a grand old lady of scenography in Norway who is in great demand and now it finally suited her!”

The special feature of the Tosca production in Northern Norway is that it’s a major collaboration between Kilden Opera, Opera Rogaland and the Arctic Philharmonic. It’s a collaboration that the Arctic Philharmonic’s Opera Director is both proud of and very pleased about.

“Even though the soloists will be the same at all the venues, regional orchestras and choirs will perform in the three regions.”

The principal part of Tosca will be played by a strong North Norwegian voice, Nina Gravrok from Narvik, who has played the same role in the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet this year and last year.


This concert is part of the subscription series Full Storm in Bodø and Total, Mezzo and Ny & Nysgjerrig in Tromsø.