Tim Weiss and the Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta

Mythical Sami poetry

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Three composers and one songsoloist. All of them are women. Moreover, there is even a work commissioned by us and written right here.

We think it will be an extremely exciting evening when our Artistic Director Tim Weiss presents a programme featuring music written by Outi Tarkiainen, Sarah Gibson and Helen Grime.

The Arctic Philharmonic, along with the Lapland Chamber Orchestra and the Norbotten Chamber Orchestra, commissioned the work Eanan, giđa nieida (The Earth, Spring’s Daughter) by Outi Tarkiainen, who wrote the work while she was living in Northern Norway.

“This is a mythical epic that illustrates the core of the northern history, from ancient times through to the present day,” she says about her new work. “The Sami are the only indigenous people in Europe, and the text of this work is a collage of Sami poetry.”

The soloist for The Earth, Spring’s Daughter is mezzo-soprano Virpi Räisänen, who has previously performed the work in Sweden and Finland.

Other works on tonight’s programme are the composition Clarinet Concerto (1971) by Helen Grime and I prefer living in color by Sarah Gibson.

This concert is part of the subscription series Full Storm and Stor Storm.