Schumann & Brahms - Love Songs

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Four opera soloists, two pianists, music by Schumann and Brahms and love songs. This will be a beautiful concert.

The lyrics of Liebeslieder-Waltzer come from Georg Friedrich Daumer’s Polydora, a collection of folk songs and love poems.

This is a special piece because Brahms did not regularly compose for small vocal ensembles and piano. Since Brahms usually wrote vocal ensembles and choir music accompanied by organ or orchestra, this piano four hands accompaniment in Liebeslieder is part of the uniqueness of the piece.

This evening’s programme also features Schumann’s Spanische Liebeslieder, which is the second of Robert Schumann’s two song cycles based on Spanish folk songs. Like the first, it comes from a collection of German translations by Emanuel Geibel.

The role of the piano is further expanded by two piano pieces without vocal accompaniment (No. 1, Vorspiel and No. 6, Intermezzo).


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