Polar Night Baroque

Bach, Die Kunst der Fuge

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True to tradition, we invite you to Polar Night Baroque in 2018 too. It’s our experience that this is something the audience really wants, as illustrated by the wonderful response when we played Bach’s The Goldberg Variations last autumn. 

Bach is also on the programme this autumn. We have every confidence that the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, with Bach lover Henning Kraggerud as Artistic Director, will provide a strong experience as Tromsø enters the darkness of the Polar Night.

The Art of the Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge) is a controversial work, not least because it is incomplete. To this day the speculations are many. However, the work is also the subject of thorough analysis, musical history and studies of source criticism.

Bach died before the first edition was completed and both Bach’s manuscript and the first edition The Art of the Fugue are written in open score without any indication of instrumentation. This has generated considerable discussion about what instrumentation Bach may have had in mind.

If you come to this concert, you will hear how Henning Kraggerud and the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra believe the work should be played.


Part of the subscription series Total, Mezzo and Ny & Nysgjerrig.