Into the Maelstrom

Philip Glass

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Filmmaker, entrepreneur and concept developer Jan Vardøen wants the entire Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra to accompany him to the top of a mountain in the Lofoten Islands to perform Philip Glass’ piece Decent into the Maelstrom - a 66-minute long dramatic interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story of the same name.

Jan Vardøen and Beacon Isle Films are in the process of filming a documentary in the beautiful Lofoten Islands, which showcases Northern Norway, its people, the nature, the weather and what life is like here in the north. The music is a narrative driving force throughout the film.

The musicians in the orchestra have been on a film shoot in wild weather and performed the work at Stormen Concert Hall and on mountain peaks in the Lofoten Islands (!) 

However, during the Arctic Arts Festival, they will perform indoors and remain dry throughout. You can experience a live performance of this work at Harstad Cinema. Philip Glass was commissioned to compose the work by the Adelaide Festival in Australia in 1986. Although it was performed during that festival, it has never been performed live since then.

The Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra will play under the leadership of conductor Tim Weiss, soprano Berit Norbakken Solset will sing and Øystein Moen from Jaga Jazzist will play synthesizer. The concert will be supplemented with visual magic by Martin Losvik.

For tickets, please visit the Arctic Arts Festival website.