The parson-poet and the devil

Mr Petter’s Devilish Day

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Mr. Dass is in a hurry and enters a pact with the devil. This is not something one does without consequences, major consequences. “Petter Dass was Norway’s first rapper. He castigated society in rhyme, as we find out in this performance,” says Ketil Høegh.

The North Norwegian people have always appreciated good stories with surprising twists. We particularly like the North Norwegian storytelling tradition – the one who offers wit and folly, everything under the sun, who colours stories with a broad brush and maybe even “a few lies”.

The legendary story of the parson and poet Petter Dass in partnership with the devil is a colourful contention. When it is set in an artistic, North Norwegian context and coloured by one of our most exciting North Norwegian tone artists, a completely new story is created about the native of Northern Norway who was larger than life.

The actors in this play, Ketil Høegh and Hallvard Holmen, both have their roots in the northern part of Norway - as Høegh is from Tromsø and Holmen from Mosjøen. Both are rutined and versatile performing artists, but we also know their faces from many central roles in TV-series and films such as Himmelblå and The King's Choice.