Children's Super Saturday

Open KulturHus!

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The Arctic Philharmonic is once again opening its doors for live music and varied family activities at KulturHuset in Tromsø. 

We've teamed up with Kulturskolen in Tromsø, whom will be moving their saturday concert to Kulturhuset this day. You will get to meet loads of talented children with their instruments, such as the Junior orchestra who'll be playing the Halleluja choire and the Pink Panther. 

Kulturskolen also has a fabulous dance group. This saturday they'll be performing a classic ballet which they are rehearsing for their exams. 

Have a snack in the café, try our technical equipment at Verkstedet, get a tour of what happens behind the stage, conduct, compose, see Vitensenteret's experiments with sounds and try out different string instruments. Music is performed by all, all day! There will also be an activity post for drawing and quizzes, so nothing left to do but start looking forward to a fabulous day of fun activities!