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Mozart's requiem

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The year is 1791 and Mozart dies in Vienna, leaving behind what would become a mainstay of European music history. However, this famous work was not actually completed by the hand of Mozart. On his death, the mass remained unfinished. Although several composers have since attempted to complete the mass, Mozart’s pupil Franz Xaver Süssmayr was responsible for the version we know as Mozart’s Requiem.


Mozart’s Requiem is known worldwide as a signature of a heavenly work of art. Is it the music, the history, the myth or a combination of these that has made this one of the world’s best known works for orchestra and choir? This was one of the many works composed by Mozart in what proved to be the final year of his life. Many believe that he composed music like he was in a hurry, and that he wrote on the dictation of God. We will never know for sure, but we have chosen to start this year’s Easter festivities with this musical masterpiece.