Extended collaboration with Kraggerud

Internationally renowned virtuoso violinist Henning Kraggerud has been Artistic Director of the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra since 2012. His contract was recently extended for another three years and both parties are thrilled.

“Yes!” from the orchestra
- The musicians in the orchestra are very satisfied, says violinist and Concertmaster, Brynjar Lien Schulerud. -No one had any objections to extending the collaboration and there was no need for lengthy discussions. Instead, there was just "Yes!" from everyone.

The orchestra likes the positive way Kraggerud works.

- The way Henning works is completely unique. He always has a positive focus! Henning is always searching for how inspired, how extreme and how wonderful we can be. He’s very excited about what he does and he has an amazing glow that rubs off on the whole orchestra, says Concertmaster Schulerud. - I can’t imagine anyone who could possibly be more suitable.

I can’t imagine anyone who could possibly be more suitable. – Concertmaster Brynjar Lien Schulerud

More depth
- This is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to continuing this collaboration, says Kraggerud. - Ever since I agreed to be Artistic Director here, I have perceived the role as being extremely rewarding. Before taking on this role, I was mostly a soloist and travelled from one orchestra to another. That was exciting but it could also be rather superficial and hectic. When I was given responsibility for the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, I was given a unique opportunity to work with the same group of people over a longer period, as both Artistic Director and soloist, and that provides far greater depth, says the star violinist.

Kraggerud’s manager, Kjell Wernø, has the following comment about the continued collaboration: - When I entered into an agreement with the Arctic Philharmonic in August 2011 about Henning Kraggerud being the new Artistic Director of the Chamber Orchestra, one of the objectives was Henning’s responsibility for the strategic, long-term development of the ensemble. The results came rapidly and there is no doubt that was the right choice, which has been confirmed by the extension of the agreement.

Impressed by the musicians
- They are highly motivated and are really willing to work hard and constantly develop, says Kraggerud. - I really appreciate this, and when we achieve such good results the musicians and I are so happy. We have a common ‘drive’ that’s completely unique, says an enthusiastic Kraggerud.

He notes that his work with the Arctic Philharmonic has made its mark at home too. -My wife often says that “you’re always in such a good mood when you are going up to work in Tromsø” and that’s quite accurate!

Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra in the streets of Tromsø

Large network
Henning Kraggerud is a highly sought-after soloist and has played at the Proms several time, most recently with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. He plays all over the world and his calendar is extremely full. He has built up a large, international network. Kraggerud is also actively involved in decisions relating to the programming of concerts and which guests to invite.

- I use my network actively in order to achieve exciting and inspiring constellations, says Kraggerud. This is confirmed by Schulerud, who adds: - Henning’s network is amazing and it helps us to make contact with other top soloists and conductors.

World-class orchestra
Kraggerud is unsure whether everyone in Tromsø is actually aware that they have a world-class orchestra in their own city. - I must say that the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra is in the very top ranks among orchestras and is really talented, so the entire North Norwegian region should be natural supporters and proud of their unbelievable orchestra.

- People I talk to around the world – in Australia, America and Asia – are often stunned by the orchestra’s quality when I give them our recordings, which is fun, says a proud Artistic Director.