The Soldier's Tale

by Igor Stravinskij

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Can we resist temptation, or are we conquered by greed?

With World War I as a gloomy backdrop, Stravinsky wrote this piece, as an ironic comment in 1918. The war was a bloodbath, sending millions of people to a certain death, because of the conflict between two political superpowers. The soldier in this story, compacts with the Devil, trading his violin for eternal wealth.

The libretto is by the Swiss author Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, and the story is based on a Russian folk tale. As it was written during the war, musicians were a scarcity, so the orchestral piece was made for only seven instruments: violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, cornet and percussion. Albeit its small orchestration, it has become one of the xx century’s most fascinating pieces, and very popular. The music is modernistic, and has several sections of great virtuosity. The pulse varies, so it’s most common to perform this piece with a conductor. Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta will be led by their new Artistic Director, Tim Weiss.

The concert will be played twice:

At 1200 hrs as a lunch-concert in the main foyer of Stormen Concert hall. 

At 1900 hrs as an evening-concert at Stormen Library.

The concert has free admission.
This is a collaboration between Arctic Philharmonic and Stormen Library and you are all very welcome!