#close-up the double bass

Tall and dark

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Welcome to an evening when the Arctic Philharmonic will put the spotlight on the double bass.

This concert, or more correctly performance, is devoted to the double bass with a work for double bass solo, double bass soloist with orchestra, a bass quartet and bassists playing together with other string players and wind players. 

One of the highlights this evening will be the world premier of Concertino for double bass and sinfonietta by Agnes Ida Pettersen, a piece commissioned by NOSO for this concert.

Not only will you hear a lot of wonderful music, but you will gain an insight into the history and distinctive character of the double bass through various narratives, anecdotes and humorous incidents. You will also become better acquainted with those in the Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta who play the orchestra’s tallest and darkest instrument, as well as the many guest bassists from the near and far.

Welcome to a concert experience with a format that is slightly out of the ordinary!

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