Sommernachspiel at Bodøsjøen

Classic North Norwegian firework concert!

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London, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo all have one. Practically every city with self-respect has a large outdoor classical music concert that goes off with a real bang. Now it’s Bodø’s turn!

With classical music by the Arctic Philharmonic and the majestic Børvasstindan mountain range as a backdrop, we will create a magical atmosphere and music festival history at the lake Bodøsjøen. The Sommernachspiel (Summer Afterparty) in Bodø will be reminiscent of events you have seen on TV, like the Last Night of the Proms in London or the Sommernachtkonzert (Summer Night Concert) in Vienna. The stage is set for famous classical hits, wonderful soloists and of course spectacular fireworks. Festival Director André Wallann Larsen is proud to present the first of what he hopes will become an annual tradition.

- The Nordland Music Festival has the tradition of opening incredibly strongly and maintaining a high level of activity and quality through the week. But what I have always missed is a proper conclusion. When we launch ‘Sommernachspiel at Bodøsjøen’, our aim is for it to become a tradition to end the festival with a large outdoor classical music concert. The programme will be packed with classic superhits, which the organisers of the Nordland Music Festival hopes will attract a huge crowd to Bodøsjøen on the last Friday of the festival.

This concert is for those with a deep interest in classical music and for those who think they don’t. We will take the atmosphere from Skansen with us to Bodøsjøen and create a real classical evening of music. This event will combine magnificent music everyone has heard before, the sale of food and drinks and not least a fireworks display. – – ANDRÉ WALLANN LARSEN, DIRECTOR OF THE NORDLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL

The city’s own orchestra, the Arctic Philharmonic, will provide the music along with several renowned soloists. The Programme Director of the Arctic Philharmonic, Catharina Roos Bilsbak, is delighted with the invitation from the Bodø Music Festival.

- To put it simply, the idea of an outdoor ‘Last Night of Music Festival’ in style reminiscent of the Brits’ ‘The Proms’ is awesome! When the Bodø Music Festival presented the idea to the Arctic Philharmonic our response was an immediate and resounding YES! After all, what could possibly be a better end to an active festival than a large outdoor concert Bodøsjøen? If we can’t guarantee the weather, we can provide a guarantee that we will play well-known, much-loved, surprising and entertaining music. There will be a great atmosphere and amazing views - in classic North Norwegian style!

The arena opens at 20.30 (8.30pm) and the concert starts at 22.00 (10pm). An age restriction of 18 years applies.