Songs of the Sun

As the darkness approaches

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Welcome to a classical concert with modern tones based around Canti del Sole (Songs of the Sun) by Bernard Rands. This is a little tribute to the sun and the stars as we enter the winter darkness.

The American composer Bernard Rands (83) wrote Canti del Sole for tenor and orchestra in 1983 based on a symbiosis of 14 old and newer texts – in a mix of English, French, German and Italian – dealing with the movements of the sun through a day. This popular work won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1984. Our conductor, Tim Weiss, has linked Canti del Sole with The Stars and the Roses, which is another work written for tenor and orchestra. The latter was written in 2013 by fellow American Pulitzer Prize winning composer Steven Stucky, who died last year. This work is composed in three movements, the second of which is fittingly named The Sun. The concert concludes with Chamber Symphony, which was written by the Romanian composer George Enescu in 1954.

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