Ballet gala

Opening concert, Nordland Music Festival

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The Nordland Music Festival opens with a tremendous ballet gala involving the Arctic Philharmonic and soloists from the Wiener Staatsballett!

The Wiener Staatsballett (Vienna State Ballet) has a long and extremely proud history. When its forerunner opened its doors for the first time in 1622, the wife of Emperor Ferdinand II, Eleonore Gonzaga, argued her way to dance in the court theatre along with some of the biggest stars of the new art form. Although it was not a fully professional ensemble until the early 19th century, the stage in Vienna played a central role right from the early stages of ballet. Almost 400 years later, the Wiener Staatsballett is one of the world’s top ballet companies.

Millions of people watch the dancers from the famous ballet company every year during the televised New Year’s Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic. The institution is one of the few in the world to perform both classic ballet productions and modern ballets at the very highest level.

The Nordland Music Festival is proud to present soloists from this legendary ballet company, who are among the best ballet dancers in the world. This special opening to the annual festival willth present excerpts from great classics such as the Swan Lake and La Fille mal gardée, modern classics like Romeo and Juliet and new works by some of Europe’s leading choreographers.