and the Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta

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Kirsti Huke, Ola Kvernberg and Erik Nylander have played together since 2013 - this time they get backing from the Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta! Kvernberg is writing brand new arrangements for the sinfonietta for this occasion - definitely worth experiencing. 

In 2015 Huke, Kvernberg and Nylander released their critically acclaimed album Rags and Silks, where they share their interpretation of some of the most beautiful pearls of the pop/rock-genre. Some of these songs we'll get to experience tonight - but in a way we've never heard them before. Together with the Arctic Philarmonic Sinfonietta, the trio is building a new musical construction based on familiar melodies. Go ahead, start looking forward to familiar tunes from ABBA, Beach Boys and Nick Cave amongst others!