Kraggerud invites

Radovan Vlatkovic, French horn

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Following on from last year’s success when oboist Nicholas Daniel guested the Chamber Orchestra, Henning Kraggerud has invited another guest soloist to play with the orchestra: internationally-renowned Croatian hornist Radovan Vlatkovic.

The host had the following to say about this event:
- I met Radovan for first time at a festival in Cyprus about eight years ago. He was practicing outside an ancient church and I had never heard such nice horn playing before. He has since been in Risør and I have met him at other festivals. I will be playing at a festival in Tuscany in the summer of 2017 with him. Every time I hear him playing, he achieves the same amazing level. I don’t know of any better hornist in the world. If you want to be better acquainted with this instrument, I highly recommend this concert.

- We will use four wind players from the orchestra for the two horn concertos by Mozart, and will naturally retain them for the rest of the programme. The concert will be more symphonic than usual with Mozart’s lively Symphony No. 29. I’m also a soloist at the concert. I have previously played the third, fourth and fifth concertos in Tromsø, and we will follow up with Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 2.

If you want to experience horn music of the highest calibre or simply love Mozart and prefer a slightly more symphonic chamber orchestra, then this is the ideal concert for you.