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Querini in Røst

Bodø Sinfonietta is part of this summer’s big opera happening in the north: the premier performance of Henning Sommero and Ragnar Olsen’s opera Querini. The work will be performed in spectacular surroundings on the island of Røst on the outermost point of Lofoten.

The story is possibly not well known to all:

In 1432 in dramatic circumstances the Venetian merchant and nobleman Pietro Querini had to abandon his ship and stranded on the island of Røst. In his description of his stay, he noted among other things: “From the 3rd of February until the 14th of May 1432 we found ourselves in paradise’s no. 1 area, to the shame and dishonour of Italy’s realms.”

It’s all set for a major musical drama experience!

To read more about the opera, please visit: http://www.queriniopera.no/ 


MUSIC: Henning Sommero

LIBRETTO: Ragnar Olsen

CONDUCTOR: Torodd Wigum

PRODUCER: Anne Marit Sæther


SOLOISTS: Magne Fremmerlid, Anna Einarsson, Sissel Vera Pettersen,

Kjell Magnus Sandve, Hildegunn Pettersen, Eivind Kandal,

Bernt Ola Volungholen, Emilie Tverbak