The children’s Super Saturday

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There is hustle and bustle on the Children's Super Saturday when the concert hall is occupied by a large carnival of animals! We invite you to a family performance where children and adults alike will become acquainted with animals, species and instruments through 14 short movements written for different species. Yes, even the fossils and human beings are featured! Among many highlights, we will hear the lion’s royal march, the swan’s beautiful song, the human’s piano rehearsal and the elephant that tries to dance the waltz.

Astrid Haugslett, well known to Norwegian children from the popular NRK Super series Ugler i mosen, gives us an insight into the animals’ exciting lives and the distinctive characteristics of the species. Join us for a musical adventure!

The Carnival of the Animals premiered way back in 1886. This work is extremely popular and is frequently performed, but Saint-Saëns himself forbade performances of the work shortly after its premiere, and allowed only one of the movements, the Swan (a piece for cello and piano), to be published in his lifetime. The work consists of 14 short movements, each of which represents an animal or species. Probably the best known is the music that describes precisely the swan.

This performance is suitable for children as young as 3 or 4, as well as curious adults. The performance lasts approx. 40 minutes.