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Tromsø Chamber Orchestra

Artistic Director: Henning Kraggerud

Tromsø Chamber Orchestra is part of the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra and are Norway’s only full-time professional chamber orchestra.

Through targeted and innovative programme planning, the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra wants to convey a broad spectrum of musical heritage, as well as innovation. The orchestra wants to from time to time challenge its audience by presenting programmes of a demanding nature, but also to reach audiences in more non traditional environments and concerts and thereby increase the future scope of the audience.

The orchestra’s special responsibility is to the City of Tromsø, Troms County and the rest of Northern Norway, but its musical range has no boundaries.

Tromsø Chamber Orchestra wishes to be a centre of strength for the development of professional quality and cooperation in the region. Together with Bodø Sinfonietta, the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra forms the core of the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra.



Yuko Kawami, KM 1  
Brynjar Lien Schulerud, KM 1  
Jarle Fredheim, KM 2  
Anders Melhus, GL 2nd. violin  
Sari Martinussen
Ragnvald Magnussen (on leave)
Aelita Stepanova
Snorre Holmgren
Elena Yakovleva 
Kristina Nygaard Walsnes
Eira Bjørnstad Foss (substitute)


Julia Neher, GL   
Heidi Schulerud Bilsbak, GL (on leave)
Karen Marianne Aukner (on leave)
Sigrid Lien Schulerud
Katrina Brown (substitute)


Håvard Roos Bilsbak, GL  (on leave)
Ørnulf Lillebjerka, GL  
Inga Raab, GL (substitute)  
Bernt Simen Lund
Mario Machlik


Stein Paulsen, GL  
Jorun Perander, GL


Arne Bjørhei, GL


Jens Christian Kloster, GL

CM = Concertmaster
GL = Group leader

Visiting address

Strandgata 41, 4th floor (Central Post Office Building), Tromsø
Phone: +47 99 38 78 10 // Fax: +47 77 68 51 37 // post@noso.no