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Bodø Sinfonietta

Artistic leader and chief conductor: Peter Szilvay

Through collaboration with conductors and soloists of a high international standard, Bodø Sinfonietta has developed into a high standard ensemble with flexible and enthusiastic musicians.

The level of activity in the Bodø Sinfonietta has experienced a marked increased in recent years and the ensemble collaborates regularly with the city’s other production environments, as well as with permanent collaboration partners on a national and international basis.

Bodø Sinfonietta holds regular concerts in Bodø and throughout the region and abroad.

In December 2005 the rock group Madrugada released the live album Live at Tralfamadore  which features the Bodø Sinfonietta on four tracks. The concert recordings are from Bodø Spektrum in August and Oslo Spektrum in December 2005. The concert in Oslo was also released on DVD. In 2008 a DVD was released of the concert Halvdan med breiband  in which Halvdan Sivertsen and his band played together with Bodø Sinfonietta at the 2007 Nordland Music Festival.

 Bodø Sinfonietta also features on the following CD recordings:

  • Singing Landscape , which was launched during the 2003 Nordland Music Festival, features music by Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen conducted by Thomas Rimul.
  • Works by Sigmund Lillebjerka  was released in June 2006 featuring music written specifically for the ensemble by Bodø composer Sigmund Lillebjerka conducted by Arvid Engegård.
  • A recording was also made of the opera Miss Julie  by Antonio Bibalo in the autumn of 2004 with Jonathan Stockhammer as conductor. 
  • Recording with Bodøs own poet/vocalist Terje Nilsen.
  • "Wire and string". Rolf Wallin, Christian Eggen, Bodø Sinfonietta and Susanne Lundeng 

Bodø Sinfoniettas CD "Wire and String", with music by Rolf Wallin got awarded in "Spellemannsprisen" in 2011.

Bodø Sinfonietta has performed at the Ultima Festival in Oslo, which is one of the world’s leading contemporary music festivals, they have also played at the Nordic Music Days in St. Petersburg and gained exceptionally good reviews. In 2009 Bodø Sinfonietta returned to St. Petersburg and played at the Hermitage Music Festival at the Winter Palace.

Musikkteateret i Bodø (now the Arctic Opera) and Bodø Sinfonietta have several joint plans for stage productions. With funding from Arts Council Norway, the New Opera (formerly Opera Vest) is providing expertise in a host of opera productions in a collaboration called AdOpera!. This collaboration has already featured the operas Miss Julie  (Antonio Bibalo), Ibsen’s kvinner+September  (Ness/Buene) and The man who mistook his wife for a hat  (Michael Nyman).

Bodø Sinfonietta

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